Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman-Loera infoPlaylist

elchapo_582_1Known as the top ranking member of the Sinaloa Cartel, Joaquin Guzman-Loera aka El Chapo has been the leader of the Mexican drug trade and run the cartel on a global scale for 17 years smuggling cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine into various countries. El Chapo was captured by the Mexican marines on January 8, 2016 and is pending extradition to the U.S. from Mexico to be put on trial for various crimes related to drug-trafficking in several U.S. states.  This playlist compiled by Towson University students Mikailla For and Luke West in Deborah Shaller’s English 102 class and edited by Librarian Joyce Garczynski, discusses El Chapo’s personal and criminal history along with an overview of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Personal History

Sinaloa Cartel

  • Background information on the Sinaloa Cartel from Insight Crime
  • BBC gives insight on internal information of Sinaloa Cartel and the personal life of its members
  • International Business Times explains why the Sinaloa Cartel is so powerful
  • NPR explains how the Sinaloa Cartel is winning the drug war with Mexico
  • Business Insider examines how El Chapo and the Sinaloa Cartel influences the US drug market

Criminal History




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Summer Session 2016 Library Hours

SummerSummer 2016
Summer Session Hours
May 23 – July 29

Regular Hours

Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday CLOSED
May 30 (Memorial Day)
July 4 (Independence Day)

Intersession Hours
July 30 – August 28

Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturdays & Sundays CLOSED

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Flint Water Crisis InfoPlaylist

24161042699_f27316d37d_zIn April 2014, the city of Flint, Michigan switched their water supply from Lake Huron to the Flint River and nine months later, city officials admitted that Flint’s new water source was contaminated with lead and other toxic chemicals. The impact of this decision on residents’ health resulted in a national examination of the political, social, and economic situations that contributed to Flint’s contaminated water. This infoPlaylist created by four students in Deborah Shaller’s English 102 class (Natalie Goffney, Jennaliese Lu, Emma Peak, and Meredith Wood) and edited by Librarian Joyce Garczynski will provide background information on the city of Flint, analyses of what caused the crisis, the health and social effects of the water, how the government has responded, and what the future holds for Flint.

Demographics and History of Flint, Michigan:

  • A U.S. Census Bureau report providing some demographics of Flint residents such as age, sex, and ethnicity/race
  • A 2013 Policy.Mic story about violence in Flint, Michigan
  • An examination of Flint’s economic history from MSNBC‘s 2011 Geography of Poverty series

Analyses of What Caused the Flint Water Crisis:

  • A Verge article about how the Flint River became toxic
  • An article from The New Yorker about Flint and the long struggle against lead poisoning in the city and across the country
  • A look at the role that infrastructure played in Flint from The Atlantic
  • An opinion piece in The Atlantic by two political science professors about the role that distrust in government played in causing the situation in Flint

How the Crisis Unfolded:

  • A step-by-step look at how the Flint water crisis unfolded from National Public Radio
  • A portal with The New York Times‘ coverage of the Flint Water Crisis
  • The New York Times provides a press release from a Flint official describing the switch to the  new water source
  • A Mother Jones article about LeeAnne Walters and how she brought the Flint water crisis to light
  • The blog of the Virginia Tech research team who played a role in uncovering the Flint crisis
  • A look at how the crisis played out on social media from Identity, an award-winning public relations firm

The Health Effects of the Contaminated Water:

  • A series of fact sheets from the Department of Health & Human Services about the chemicals and the illnesses that have presented in Flint
  • An article from The Guardian presents the stories of residents who are feeling the health effects of Flint’s water
  • This CNN article contains a pediatrician’s expertise on the long-term effects of lead exposure

The Community and Lifestyle Effects of the Water:

  • This article in The Washington Post examines the social impact on the community
  • A Michigan Daily report describes the day-to-day life of people affected
  • CNN highlights how the use of water bottles is now standard in Flint

The Government Response to the Crisis:

What Happens Next:

  • The State of Michigan‘s Goals to Strengthen Flint plan
  • A Brandeis University finance professor comments in Fortune Magazine about how the Flint water crisis will impact other U.S. cities
  • A CNN article describing how some of the children in Flint see their futures
  • A news release from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation describing how 10 foundations have pledged nearly $125 million dollars to help Flint

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Expanded JSTOR Trial

JSTORWe have a year-long trial for 9 new JSTOR packages – all the JSTOR packages we don’t currently subscribe to.  The trial is good through June 2017, and includes 1,750 new titles.  These titles are now available through Cook OneSearch, the Journal List, and the JSTOR link on our database list.  At the end of this trial, we’ll evaluate usage to see if we want to add any of these collections permanently.

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Study Ducks are Back!

IMG_1567They’re cute, they’re classy, and just a little bit sassy…

They’re study ducks!

If you find one of these little duckies in the library – feel free to smile and give him or her a good home.

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Finals Extended Hours Begin Sun. May 8th!

LibraryNight(1)Cook Library will extend its hours of availability to accommodate students’ studying needs during the final exam period.  During extend hours, the 2nd & 3rd floors will be open; other floors will be closed at the end of the library’s regular hours.  Course Reserves services will still be available, but all other library services will be closed.

A Photo ID will be required to enter the Library during extended hours.

Extended Hours Schedule

May 8-13 (Sunday-Friday) 24 HOURS
Begin: Noon on Sunday (May 8th)
End: Midnight Saturday Morning (May 14th)
May 14 (Saturday) noon – midnight
May 15-17 (Sunday-Tuesday) Resume 24 HOURS
Begin: Noon on  Sunday (May 15)
End: 10:00 p.m. Tuesday (May 17)

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Congratulations Librarians!

Congratulations to our four newly-promoted librarians!

Promotion to Librarian III

Mael_Elaine_0Elaine R. Mael (M.L.S., Columbia University, NY)

Elaine Mael earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from City College of New York and her Master of Library Science from Columbia University in 1976. She joined Towson University in 2008 as cataloging librarian for cataloging sound recordings, CDs, DVDs, and music scores. Due to her extensive experience with the former Baltimore Hebrew University’s Joseph Meyerhoff Library, Ms. Mael provided valuable insight and expertise during the move of the Meyerhoff collection to Towson and its integration with Cook Library’s collections. Her article, “When One Plus One Remains One: the Challenges and Triumphs of Merging Two University Libraries” detailed the complexities of the project. Ms. Mael is the subject specialist and liaison to Jewish Studies. She works closely with Cook Library’ Special Collections department, and her scholarship includes publications and presentations focused on special collections related to the Holocaust and the Jewish Cultural Reconstruction program.

Ms. Mael serves on committees of Cook Library and of the University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions Library Consortium. In addition to membership in American Library Association and the Association of Jewish Libraries, Ms. Mael serves on the board of Baltimore’s Women’s Institute of Torah.


TOMLINSON_Carissa0003Carissa Tomlinson (M.L.I.S., Dominican University, MN)

Ms. Tomlinson earned a Bachelor of Arts in women’s studies from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities and the Master of Library and Information Science from Dominican University, MN in 2007. Ms. Tomlinson joined Towson University in 2008 as emerging technologies librarian. Now coordinator of student engagement and outreach, Ms. Tomlinson provides leadership for Cook Library’s proactive engagement with students across the university and through organizations including the Honors College, SAGE Program, Academic Achievement Center, the Writing Center, and Student Government Association. She developed and leads the “A-List” program, the Albert S. Cook Library Leadership Institute for Students, through which students serve as peer research coaches and library ambassadors.  Ms. Tomlinson provides information literacy instruction tailored to courses in her liaison areas, health sciences and women’s studies, and Towson Seminars. She created the TSEM faculty development program to support faculty teaching in TSEM. Her scholarship includes presentations and publications on cognitive development theory and information literacy, student leadership programs, critical thinking for the research process, role of the library in the first year experience, and academic libraries and student retention.

Ms. Tomlinson serves on several library and university committees including University Senate.  She has held leadership positions in the Association of College and Research Libraries, including founder and convener of the First Year Experience Discussion Group and of the Health Sciences Interest Group.  She is a frequent contributor of book reviews for CHOICE and was a member of the New England Journal of Medicine Library Advisory Board. In addition to her librarian responsibilities, Ms. Tomlinson is a first year experience adviser.


Promotion to Librarian II

Miller-KimberlyKimberly Miller (M.S.I., University of Michigan, MI)

Ms. Miller received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from The College of Idaho in 2008 before earning her Master of Science in information from the University of Michigan in 2012. She joined Towson University in 2012 as research and instruction librarian for emerging technologies. In 2015 her title was changed to Learning Technologies Librarian to more accurately reflect the scope and emphasis of her responsibilities. Ms. Miller provides leadership in Cook Library for developing and implementing technology applications for library instruction, research, and resources. In addition to her technology leadership, Ms. Miller teaches information literacy, provides research assistance, develops the library’s psychology collection, and serves as library liaison to the psychology department. Her scholarship is in the areas of instructional technology, information literacy instruction, and digital technologies. She has published articles, book reviews, and website reviews and has presented at numerous national and regional conferences. She is a peer reviewer for MERLOT, the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching.

Ms. Miller serves on numerous Cook Library, Towson University, and University System of Maryland and Affiliated institutions Library Consortium committees. She is secretary of the Association of College and Research Libraries Maryland Chapter and serves on two national committees of the American Library Association’s Association of College and Research Libraries. Ms. Miller is currently a student in Towson’s instructional technology doctoral program in the College of Education.


ZUKOWSKI_AdamAdam Zukowski (M.S.L.I.S., Simmons College, MA)

Mr. Zukowski earned a Bachelor of Arts in English for Stonehill College, MA and in 2012 was awarded the Master of Science in library and information science by Simmons College, MA. He joined Towson University in 2012 as Cook Library’s first metadata librarian. Mr. Zukowski provides the leadership for planning and implementing metadata for Cook Library’s expanding digital collections. He manages the metadata program, develops customized metadata schema, creates metadata for Towson’s unique collections, and trains library staff in metadata principles, process and application. His work enables students, faculty and researchers worldwide to discover and access Cook Library’s digital resources via the Internet. In addition to his highly specialized work, Mr. Zukowski teaches information literacy and serves the department of mathematics in liaison and collection development roles. Most recently, Mr. Zukowski has taken the leadership role in establishing and managing the library’s institutional repository, ScholarWorks@Towson. His scholarship focuses on topics related to metadata and digital resources.

Mr. Zukowski serves on several committees for Cook Library and the University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions Library Consortium. He is active in the American Library Association on the ALA Resolutions Committee and in the Association for Library Collections and Technical Service



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