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birdsWhile extinction of species has always been a natural element of global ecology, ecologists have argued that the planet is currently undergoing a period of mass extinction. Recent science has discovered a way to possibly resurrect extinct species as well as revive endangered ones through the process of resurrection. This infoPlaylist, constructed by Towson University English 102 student Ben Miller (instructor Deborah Shaller) and edited by Librarian Joyce Garczynski, offers sources on the background of extinction, the science of resurrection biology, qualifying species, current projects, and the arguments for and against the process.


Background on Extinction

The Center for Biological Diversity describes the current extinction crisis and extinction statistics on different groups of species

The role of humans in species extinction is discussed in a PBS Newshour article

An article in The Scientist explores how climate change impacts extinction


The Science of Resurrection Biology

A PBS Newshour article explores some of the methods that could be used to resurrect species

KQED Science describes the science behind resurrecting extinct species using DNA

A story from Live Science describes how resurrection is conducted using an Antarctic moss as a subject

Stewart Brand, president of the Long Now Foundation, a group engaged in genetic resurrection efforts, discusses resurrection efforts in this 2013 Ted Talk


Species Qualifying for Resurrection

A list of candidate species presented by the Long Now Foundation’s genetic resurrection subgroup, Revive & Restore

The Mother Nature Network provides background information on candidate species

The reasoning and plan for these species is discussed by Daily Mail Science & Tech


Current Projects

The Long Now Foundation provides a portal to four current revival and resurrection projects

A South African group, The Quagga Project, is working to revive the extinct species of Plains Zebra

A successful experiment to breed an extinct Australian frog is described by UNSW Australia

The San Diego Zoo’s Frozen Zoo works on genetics as it relates to revival and resurrection of species


Moral Arguments/Environmental Effects

The impact of resurrection on current conservation is discussed by Scientific American

Scientific American discusses and challenges the ethics of reviving extinct species

The pros, cons, and legality of species resurrection is discussed by Science Magazine

National Geographic questions the technicality of resurrection biology along with its moral implications, using the wooly mammoth as an example subject


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